What is Twitch and Why You Should Stream Too

What is Twitch and Why You Should Stream Too

It’s estimated that 1.2 BILLION people in the world are playing video games, 2+ MILLION of them are broadcasting their gameplay on Twitch to over 9.2 MILLION DAILY USERS.


All those words are in caps because it has simply blown my mind.


Hey, Elaine!  I don’t know what any of this means.


I grew up playing video games.   Ya know, Duck Hunt on Nintendo, Super Mario Bros on SNES, Star Fox on N64 etc etc


What is Twitch?

Twitch is where people all over the world live stream videos for anyone to watch.

Now, I know I mention video games above, but I’ve seen streams of baking, singing, art, nothing and just hanging out, and everything in between.  Video games just happen to be the main category.  We are in that day and age where people love to be on technology, and love to see other people just do things.

Twitch is cool because you are able to interact with this person one-on-one while they’re playing your favorite game.  You can participate in chats, give them donations, cheer them on, help them along the way, and just enjoy your new found entertainment.

Every streamer has their own personality and I can guarantee you’ll find at least one for you.


Why should you stream on Twitch?

Because everyone is doing it. (Didn’t you see the numbers in the first paragraph?  Impressive!)

I’ve found though, that Twitch streaming my favorite games has helped me in a few, awesome ways:

  • It’s helped me come out of my shell a bit.  I’m fairly shy and introverted at times – live streaming helps force me to interact live with viewers!  These viewers most likely found my Twitch channel by searching the game I’m playing, so I know that’s something we can talk about.
  • I’ve learned more about computer set up.  I know, I blog and that takes some HTML and CSS knowledge, but optimizing my computer, programs, and the full set up took a few frustrations and tinkering.  Now if you ask me how to put together a simple streaming set up – I’m your girl.
  • It fills my time with something positive to do.  Obviously, I could go play outside or something, but at times I like to stay home, veg, and watch TV.  Probably also not great.  Streaming goes back to the first point and helps me break out of my introvert cave.
  • It’s fun!  Seriously, play your favorite games and meet new people?  Can’t get better than that!





Pretty sure that’s an accurate depiction of what I look like when I’m streaming.


If you’re interested in seeing MY Twitch channel, check me out here or go to Twitch.tv and search Claire_Bear19

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