How to: Save More Money Grocery Shopping

How to: Save More Money Grocery Shopping

Fact: I’m always hungry.


Don’t know why, but I am often snacking on things or wish I was snacking.

(Could you say; food addiction?)


But anyways, it gets very expensive trying to feed me.  I don’t like to eat out too much and would rather make nice hot meals at home more often.  Though, even that gets expensive!  Seriously, I believe food costs go up sooooo much each year, it makes it so difficult not to spend hundereds a month on groceries.

If you’ve read my other posts, I’m all about saving money where I can, and I know you are too!  So here are a few tips and tricks I use to save money on my monthly grocery bill!


1. Meal Plan / Meal Prep

This is the most important.  Pre-thinking your meal plans for the week help cut down on excessive buying at the store.  You know, when you go to the store and don’t know what you want other than just general food for the house?  Meal planning will help ensure you know EXACTLY what you need for the week.  Also prepping/batch freezing some premade meals will save you so much time!  Search online and you’ll find THOUSANDS of excellent healthy freezer meal ideas to get you started.


2. Stick to Your List

It’s hard, I know.  Impulse buys everywhere when you’re at the grocery store.  Those end cap sales of things you don’t need really get me too because who could pass up a good deal like that?  Welp, unless it’s on your list, you’re going to!  Being a more organized before you even hit the aisles will help save you tons!  Just like in #1, it helps you ensure you only get exactly what you need if you stick to the list and ensure that you aren’t buying unnecessary items that will go bad in your fridge anyway.  Can you say; wasted money?


3. Know Your Prices

This takes a little while, but browsing through flyers and different stores you eventually find out what something SHOULD cost, how often it goes on sale, and which stores generally sell it cheaper.  This way you know if you’re actually getting a deal or if you know you can get it much cheaper elsewhere.  It really doesn’t hurt to shop around.


4. Buy in Bulk

but only if it makes sense.  Sometimes you won’t need to spend $15 on that 6 pounds of cheese when you know you won’t be using it all.  But if it’s something that isn’t immediately perishable (ie. toilet paper, cereal for your big family, etc) then buy it in bulk.  Though again, be weary of your prices and know if it will be worth it or not.  Bulk items usually save you anywhere from 10-30% from buying things individually for the same quantity.


5. Try Couponing

Ever see that show Extreme Couponing?  Use them as an inspiration!  I know it’s rare to get $1000 of groceries for $2.00, but using coupons on top of the deals you’ve already found can save you so much money.  Browse through flyers, check out different websites, or even what I do is a plain o’l Google search “______ Coupon” and you never know what will pop up!  A friend of mine regularly cross checks the coupons she gets in the mail with flyers she sees online too.



Now these are just the tricks I use when I hit up the grocery store and be as frugal as I can.  I live by myself so it’s a bit easier for me as well because I’m just feeding one mouth, but saving money anywhere helps!


Do you have any tips to save money at the grocery store?  Let me know below in the comments!




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