Rudy’s Eat & Drink – Blue Plate Special

Rudy’s Eat & Drink – Blue Plate Special

Today, my friend Trang and I went to Rudy’s Eat and Drink for lunch.  She’s been boasting as how they have a daily special called the “Blue Plate Special” which is different every day for lunch.  This special also includes a soft drink or coffee.


Here’s what we thought:


Restaurant: Rudy’s Eat and Drink

Where: 375 Graham Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0H6

When: Monday, June 19, 2017 @ 11:30AM

Price: $$

Known For: Casual and up scale environment, fresh ingredients


My Experience:

We arrived around 11:30 AM, as I was on my lunch break and needed to be back at my office by 12:20.  My friend dropped me off at the door while she drove around looking for a parking spot (downtown parking is tough with all that construction)  There was one other table sat, and I was quickly greeted at the door and was given a nice high top by a window.

(I’ll also note that the chairs were mega comfy)

The server came after maybe 30 seconds of us sitting down; explained the specials, and promptly brought us our waters.  (sadly no day drinking today)

He was very friendly, professional, well kept, and noticed we were talking about Burger Week and happily explained their contender for last year.  (“The Man Bun”)

Intrigued, I ordered the Blue Plate which was their take on a Vietnamese vermicielli with prawns.  My friend ordered their chicken burger and potato soup.

vermicelli blue plate rudys


The meal:

Presentation: Beautiful, bright colors, with a variety of fresh vegetables and wooden chopsticks.

Noodle: Was a thicker, flatter noodle than the traditional Vietnamese vermicelli.

(the longer I ate, the less it resembled a Vietnamese dish)

Sauce: The sauce seemed like a light green curry.  A small kick to it.  Wasn’t too heavy.  And had some peanuts hanging around.

Prawns: Delicious!  I’d say there were cooked perfectly and not heavily spiced.  I’ve had some awful prawns in my past of them either being too salty, or too bland.  Rudy’s definitely hit the mark here.

Drink: I declined a soft drink and just stuck to water.

Cost: $16.45 + tip




Rudy’s Eat and Drink is designed beautifully inside and out.  They boast a large beautiful patio for a nice warm day, and some fun nights.  Staff was attentive, and our meals came out in a reasonable time (especially since I had a limited time for lunch).  The meal wasn’t extra-ordinarily special, but was delicious and light enough for lunch that I wasn’t feeling too sleepy when I arrived back at my desk.  I’d definitely be interested to go back to try another Blue Plate special, however if the vermicelli was on the block, I’d probably skip it and try something else on the menu.






Cleanliness: 5/5

Speed of Service: 3.5/5

Staff: 4/5

Presentation: 4/5

Taste: 2/5

Value: 3/5

Overall: 71%



Have you tried their Blue Plate special?  Do you have a favorite lunch spot?  Let me know below in the comments!

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