How I Grew My Pinterest From 51,810 to 275,466 Monthly Views In Just 23 Days!

How I Grew My Pinterest From 51,810 to 275,466 Monthly Views In Just 23 Days!

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Hello fellow blogger!  How’s it going?  I know you’re hear to find my “secrets” to growing my Pinterest monthly views so quickly and


I went from this:

To this:




Now, if you’re looking to start your own blog, I recommend checking out my post: The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Blog From Scratch




are monthly views on Pinterest so important?  On average, Pinterest allocates for about 80% of bloggers traffic to their blogs.


More monthly views -> more readers to your blog -> more opportunity (make money, get noticed, etc)


I know there’s so many other helpful bloggers out there who have created ebooks, courses, challenges, etc.  and those are totally fantastic!  I wish I had the funds to buy it all and research the heck out of it, since that’s the type of person I am!


Except I’m poor.


I’m a new blogger who is poor?  Show of hands who’s with me on this one!



Ok put them down but pay attention because there’s 4 things that you’ll have to take into consideration when wanting to grow your views the way I did.




Create Educational Content

Sorry, most people on Pinterest aren’t going to be typing “How Sarah’s day went today” in the search box.  They just wont.

But that’s the thing; people use Pinterest to SEARCH and GAIN information.  It’s the Google of the visual world!


What’s your “end game” with blogging?  What is your ultimate goal?  Let’s be real, a lot of us are in it to make money or start our own business.  (It’s always nice to make money) This requires us to have customers.  How do we get customers?  By giving them something they want!  Keep this in mind for later.


Before you were blogging, you were probably on Pinterest looking around, making random boards and hoarding recipies, DIYs, and even “How to start a blog” pins.  Totally normal!  I use to go to Pinterest for hair and nail inspiration, home decor, recipes, and a lot of DIY crafts.  Or just when I was bored I’d scroll through “everything” to see what would catch my eye.  Which was all the time.

Again, it was my visual Google/thing I’d do when I was bored.

All the pins that caught my eye lead me to beautiful and informative blogs that had the information I was looking for or interested in.

And that’s exactly what YOU need to do.  Create content that people WANT and NEED.  Of course, stay within your interest and knowledge because who wants to write about something they don’t like?  I can’t write about mom things since I’m not a mother and could not give any proper tips.

So then what do you create?  Any knowledge that you think someone else would benefit from!

  • Great in the kitchen?  Share recipes!
  • Awesome at decorating? Show off your tips and tricks to get those looks.
  • Mom blog? I feel like I’ve seen millions of ideas!  Moms look to other moms for help!
  • Can you craft something?  Teach me step by step!

You get the idea.  It’s that whole “What’s in it for me?” thing.


This is your chance to shine and teach others what you’re passionate about!

(You got here by clicking on my pin wanting to learn how I got my monthly views to grow – see what I did?)




Do Something For Free

Yeah yeah, who wants to do that?

Not many of us.  BUT, who likes free things?  I know I do!


Something that I offered for free was my journal templates.  I wrote something I was passionate about, but also offered free journal templates that I thought others would like to check out and try.

Remember above I talked about getting customers for your business? This is a great way to do it.

If you haven’t already, you need a way for people to leave you their email address, so you can give away your product, but also get something in return; a potential customer.

There’s a bunch of ways to do this, but like many bloggers, I use ConvertKit.  If you haven’t signed up with them yet, use my link and get a 30-day free trial to see if they’re right for you!  If not, I know there are others like MailChimp, Sumo, Aweber, etc. that a lot of other bloggers use as well.  I just enjoy ConvertKit because they make it super easy for me to create forms and collect email addresses.


Click HERE to get your first month FREE with ConvertKit!


So, when someone wants to download my free journal templates, they need to enter their email address.  From there, the templates get send to their inbox.  It’s important to note that they are able to unsubscribe from your email list at any time, and never, EVER spam your list!  Be classy, guys.  But that’s a whole new post in itself.


Bottom line – offer something someone will want, but also make sure you’re getting something out of it as well.




Create Eye-Catching Pins

If you haven’t already, go check out Canva.  It’s so user-friendly to create beautiful pins!  You just need to know the anatomy of an eye-catching pin.

The way I really figured this out was looking around on Pinterest to see what exactly caught my eye and why.  Was it the font? The colors?  The shape of the pin?


It’s all the above and more.

But here’s what you’ll need to keep in mind when creating your Pinterest pins on Canva;

  • Make sure it’s vertical and long.  Canva has the standard template of a vertical Pinterest pin, but to make yours stand out a bit more, make it longer!  The optimal dimensions I use are 736px x 2061px.  You can do this by clicking the “Use Custom Dimensions” in the top right corner of Canva.
  • Use an easy to read font.  You might really like the “Abril Fatface” default font, but honestly, it’s super thick and hard to read.  Now I’m not saying use boring o’l Times New Roman, but choose a font that is eye-catching, not too bold, and easy on the eyes.  My go-to fonts are “Oswald”, “Aileron Thin”, and the very popular “Playlist Script”
  • Include your blog name or URL.  Pins get repinned over and over again, let’s make sure someone will be able to trace it back to you.



Now, I’ll show you an old pin.  I’m actually kind of embarassed to show you…



It’s square.  It’s dark.  The font isn’t easy to read.  It was awful and didn’t get me much traffic or re-pins!



Here’s my most successful pin and the blog post all in one:


It’s bright, it’s huge, the font type and color stand out, and I’m even offering something for free! This pin, so far, has brought me up to 2,000 views A DAY at times.  Crazy huh?

It only takes a little bit, but it goes a long way.




Pin.  A lot.


According to Quora, there are over 70 MILLION monthly users, and over 50 BILLION pins on Pinterest.


Holy cow, that is A LOT.


So you can see why it will be hard for you to get your one single pin noticed in that huge sea of other pins.


What I found helped, was pin automating.  I use the ever popular Tailwind !  Tailwind helps get your pins out there automatically and on optimal schedule(people live in different time zones all around the world! You can’t pin while you sleep!).  I’ve done a lot of research and trial and error.  I’ve found that about 30 auto pins per day have been working for me.  They also have the awesome “Tribes” option that puts you into groups to pin others pins and them to do the same!

If you sign up for Tailwind using my link here you’ll get your first month free!  Jackpot!

There are also Group Boards to join.  I’m not going to list them because there are SO many out there that it’s just as simple as searching your niche!  For example type in “Lifestyle Group Board” under the “Boards” search and a whole bunch will come up.  Each board leader has their own rules for you to join; follow those rules, join the board, pin to that board, and BAM your reach is even farther because group members will see your pins, and their followers may even see those pins.


BUT what really did it for me was…


Manual Pinning!  Now, I learned this one from Eden Fried.  It was something so simple that I wouldn’t have thought about.  She recommended manual pinning throughout the day.  Even for just 5 minutes to squeeze it in!  Pinterest likes this and will make your pins more visible!

It’s also mentioned that Pinterest LOVES when you share the love and re-pin others pins.  I do about a 30(others)/80(mine) ratio.  Not only is it helpful, but it keeps your boards and pins not looking like spam.

Of course, you also want to take SEO and keywords into consideration, but that’s something I can’t teach as I’m still trying to perfect that myself!


And really

That’s it.  I thought I was doing kind of ok before with a reach of 50k, but once I started trying these new things, my reach exploded and I haven’t looked back!


Something to remember;

Things don’t happen overnight.  Patience is key with anything you try to grow, and yes, that includes Pinterest.  Somedays it might seem like you’re getting no traffic or no repins, but just keep up with what you’re doing and it will eventually happen.




Do you have any Pinterest tips or tricks?  Let me know below in the comments!







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8 thoughts on “How I Grew My Pinterest From 51,810 to 275,466 Monthly Views In Just 23 Days!”

  • Really useful tips for pinterest users. I agree with you, images matter a lot on Pinterest. To drive traffic to your site, you need to have attractive images, that catches the attention of potential readers quickly.

  • Hi Elaine,

    Thanks for sharing your tips on how you’re using Pinterest. I’ve just started seeing an increase in Pinterest traffic, it’s definitely taken some time.

    Like you, I also spend some time pinning manually. Not a lot, but I make it a point to pin manually everyday.

    I am not sure if this has helped me increase my traffic. However, I can say that in the past couple months, Pinterest is now my biggest traffic referral.

    I don’t pin near as many pins as you do with Tailwind. I have been tweaking and testing pinning different numbers to see if I can find the sweet spot.

    Like you said, it’s important to just test things out and see what works for your own blog.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

    Have a great day 🙂


  • Many thanks for the tips. I have joined tailwinds but a bit confused with it. Can you repin without scheduliing? Can you just pin now.
    Also when you create a pin, do you need to use hashtags in the description?

    Also going to look at Canva to do long pins if I can work out how to do it. All a learning curve
    many thanks

    • Hi Belinda! For my understanding, Tailwind is for scheduling only. I manual pin straight from Pinterest itself.
      Also, no need for hashtags, just the right keywords! Hashtags great for Instagram, long descriptions are good for Pinterest 🙂

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