The Best Ramen in Winnipeg

The Best Ramen in Winnipeg

Last Sunday my friend and I were heading out to the park to play some volleyball.

Yes, we are always hungry.

On the way, we decided to stop for some food and heard from a lot of our friends that this restaurant had the BEST ramen in Winnipeg.


Seeing how much we love ramen, we decided to check it out!


Here’s what we thought, our restaurant review of Yujiro in Winnipeg:

yujiro chopsticks


Restaurant: Yujiro

Where: 1822 Grant Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3N 1N8

When: Sunday, July 9, 2017, @ 1 PM

Price: $$

Known For: Fresh sushi, ramen.


I don’t know much history of the restaurant, but if you want some background on Japanese food, check out my interview with my friend Jeremy: A Traveller’s Guide to Eating in Japan



Our experience:

I called approximately 15 minutes ahead as we were on the road, and asked the server if they had ramen today (I’ve been told that it’s only served at certain times), she said yes but only for lunch.  We immediately headed there and noticed they didn’t open until 1 PM and had about 10 minutes to kill.


The parking lot was full.


T: “Wow, guess this place is pretty popular huh?”

E: “Look! The open sign turned on!  I’ll try to get in line!”


So I did.  When I arrived at the front of the line, I saw all the tables were full and the server asked if I had a reservation.

uhhh… no…” *sad face*  (I was getting hangry)

But alas, he found our seats at the bar! Thank goodness!

We sat down.  The host and server were very busy but still got our drink orders and gave us menus very quickly.


yujiro menu

The had beautiful photos of the ramen available; I chose Hakata (because I remember Jeremy talking about the tonkatsu broth for this one) and she chose Spicy Miso.

P.S. I’m dumb and didn’t realize there’s a backside to the menu (even though it’s CLEARLY marked).  I’ll have to return to try the others!



About 10-15 minutes our HUGE bowls arrived smelling and looking absolutely delicious!


hakata ramen yujiro
Hakata Ramen
spicy miso ramen yujiro
Spicy Miso Ramen


Also please note the giant spoon to slurp the tasty broth.


The first sips of broth were absolutely aromatic and flavorful.  The noodles were a great consistency, not too chewy and not too soft.

The egg was actually poached!  I’ve had so many ramen with a hard boiled egg and disappointment.

And the pork was extremely tender.


We quickly became full and couldn’t finish our bowls.  While waiting for the server to clear them away, we still couldn’t stop ourselves from sipping the broth.  We had no willpower against it.

empty ramen bowl yujiro
I couldn’t help myself…




Cleanliness: 5/5

Speed of Service: 4/5

Staff: 4/5

Presentation: 4/5

Taste: 4.5/5

Value: 4/5


Overall: 85% – Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a delicious, warm meal.



Have you been to Yujiro?  Do you enjoy ramen like we do?  Is there a hidden spot you’d recommend?







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