Weekly Check-in #4

Weekly Check-in #4

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4 weeks old!

Wow wow wow! I was feeling a bit slightly uninspired lately which isn’t a great feeling. But I did some reading, checked out other blogs, and I’m feeling much better about this!


Here’s two posts I’ve published this week:

Want Flawless Skin this Summer? Check out this CC Cream!

15 Father’s Day Gift Ideas that you can get with Amazon Prime


Last Week Blog Goals:

Twitter: 200 followers. Not yet. But still a nice steady increase!

Instagram: 900. Not yet. I’ve neglected my Instagram a bit this week and I’m going to take some time to think of a new strategy

Pinterest: Make a few more different graphics for each blog post. Yay! I’m getting the hang of it with Desygner and it’s getting a bit easier. Also Tailwind is such a savior!

Page Views: 300. Yay! Uh, I don’t know what happened but somehow traffic is coming in and I’m at 850 as I type this!

RSS & Bloglovin’: Get a few more followers. Yay! Bloglovin’ is great since it updates your posts for you, so not much maintenance and it’s super easy to find other blogs!



Finish some free PDF stuff to give you guys! – Yay! I made this super handy Create-A-Blog checklist, you can get it here!

Maybe change the design again. Yay! How are you guys liking the new layout? I think it’s a bit easier on the eyes. Also re-did some graphics to an easier font.

New topic prep. Yay! Got a few going!


Personal Goals:

Go outside. Yay! I’ve been going for walks on my lunch break since the weather has been so hot out.

Meal prep Sundays. Not yet. I didn’t even really go grocery shopping this week soo.. 🙁

Drink more water – 5 bottles. Yay! -ish. I’ve made it to about 3 bottles a day. And going to the washroom 10 times.

Next Week Blog Goals:

Twitter: 200. I’m starting to use Twittimer.com which I think will be helpful to have regular tweeing

Instagram: 900. Gonna leave this here until I get there. Hopefully with a new strategy it will be better!

Pinterest: Get more people to join my Group Board! I’ve created one! If you want to join, see the board here!

Page Views: 1500. Lets hope for steady growth!

RSS & Bloglovin’: Find 5 more blogs to follow this week.



Try to be 2 weeks ahead in content.
Change graphics.


Personal Goals:

Book a haircut. It’s been over a year since my last haircut and it’s grown out of control! Also, my hair is so SO thick and I think I need a little bit of thinning.
Drink more water. Let’s try for 5 bottles a day again!

Go grocery shopping. This is probably real important to start prepping my lunches..



I can’t believe how fast everything is growing! So many more page views out of nowhere and it’s so exciting! I’m hoping for more motivation by reading other blogs/posts.



Do you have any suggestions of goals for me? Let me know!

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