Weekly Check-In

Weekly Check-In


Okay, so it’s been about a week since I’ve started this blog and I think it’s been going steadily well. I didn’t know much before I started and have done plenty of learning, research, and trial-and-error. I know it’s going to be a forever journey, but in no point have I felt stressed about building this blog, but very excited.

Also for this long weekend I’m house sitting and dog watching for my friend, so it’s very nice to have a change of scenery.

Last Week Blog Goals:

Twitter100 followers.  Not yet. I know this was a big request in under a week, but I wanted to aim a little high. I’m currently at 49.  I’ve going to be trying more ways to grow twitter, so stay tuned.

Instagram:100 followers.  Yay! So as of this morning I’ve hit 348 followers.  Amazing!!  Super exciting and it’s given me a little confidence boost.

Pinterest:  Post 2x a week.  Yay! I wasn’t really sure what kind of goal is ideal for Pinterest, but I’m still at 0 followers.  I’ve also read some new ways to promote Pinterest, so I’ll be trying that this week as well.

Page views: 200. Not yet.  And to clarify, I meant in total, not for just a day.  But, I haven’t reached there yet, and again, more research on how to grow this will be key.

Keep up with posts:  I’ve completed 4 blog posts this week. Yay!  They were fun to do, and I’m excited for new topics I have in mind for what’s coming up next.


Next Week Blog Goals:

Twitter: 100 followers.  I know it’s do-able and will be great for me to reach out to other bloggers.

Instagram: 800.  Let’s try to double last week!

Pinterest: Post 4 times a week.  I’ve quickly come to realize that Pins will get lost in the millions out there, and it might take a bit more to get noticed.  As well I’d like to follow a lot more Pinners and learn from them.

Page Views: 200.  Let’s try this again.

Blog:  There’s quite a few since I’m still very fresh:

  • Keep up with posts!  So, aiming for about 3 high quality posts/week .  I’m mapping out my topics to be more organized with this.  I have so many ideas!
  • Reach out to other blogs and consider guest posts (on others, or a guest post here)
  • Facebook.  I know Facebook is huge to grow your blog, and I wasn’t ready to tackle it but I will try this week.
  • Outline my product.  I have two in the very early stages, so this goal will slowly be built!

Personal Goals:  

  • Take the stairs every chance I get – I work on the 5th floor, so it’s a good booty workout
  • Pack a better lunch – I’ve had a lot of granola bars this week.
  • Go for more walks outside



I don’t want to set too many goals for myself for just the short period of a week.  I know if I do, I’ll start to feel like I’m drowning.

But!  Super excited how everything is progressing and really looking forward to what’s in store!


Did you have early blog goals?  How did you feel about them?  Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Check-In”

  • Yayyyy now that’s amazing! Congrats on the continuous growth. I look forward to so many more posts!

    • Aww gee thanks Brainy Mama! Your blog has inspired me to step up my photography game! No doubt you too can succeed 🙂


  • It is definitely a great idea to set goals for yourself. I am always writing myself little notes to remind me to work on certain things, and they are a life saver with two busy children and my husband to take care of. Keep up the good work . I love your logo, simple yet eye catching. I hope to read more of your posts soon.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

    -The Momnipresent Mother

    • Wow you must be so busy!! That is such an inspiration in itself! I’m definitely a firm believer in sticky notes and a million lists
      Also thank you for the kind words, and thank you for reading 🙂


  • I love that you are setting goals, it is so important to keep yourself on track! Love it 😍

    • Yes definitely! I’m looking forward to growing and looking back on what I’ve accomplished for myself. Thanks for reading!

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