Weekly Check-In #3

Weekly Check-In #3
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3 weeks old! Holy cow time is flying by! But, I’m loving every minute of it with all there is to learn and how much opportunity there is. Crazy!



Last Week Blog Goals:

Twitter: 120 followers. Yay!!! I did it! As of this moment I am typing, I am at 124!! I’ve been participating in a bit more Twitter Chats which are so so fantastic. They help network and you get to talk about so many cool things!

Instagram: 800. Not yet. I’m at around 650 right now!  It’s a steady increase and I’m more than ok with that!

Pinterest: Post waaaaay more times a day/week. Yay! Tailwind is such a savior!

Page Views: 300. Yay! Just over 400 as I type this.

RSS & Bloglovin’: …I didn’t put any goals for this last week so.. yup





Keep up with posts! – Yay! I did, a super important piece called 10 Things your Depressed Friend wants you to Know and even made an infographic for it. I’m pretty proud.

Create more graphics. Yay! I did a bunch more for Pinterest, which is so time consuming but so worth it in the long run.

Facebook. Not yet. I suck at this. I’m still focused on other social media outlets, so maybe I’ll put this to the side for now.


Personal Goals:

Keep taking the stairs every chance I get. Yay – ish. Ok I’ve been lazy a couple times and opted for the elevator (It’s just so much faster..)

Start meal planning for the week on Sundays. Not yet. I need better recipes. Any suggestions out there?

Drink more water. Yay! I’ve filled my bottle a million times which makes me pee my body weight. But it’s gooood.

Go for more walks outside (!!!)   Not yet. Well kinda. The weather was a bit crappy, and I had some stuff to do at my desk… and I was lazy. Will try again.



Next Week Blog Goals:

Twitter: 200. I still find Twitter a bit hard to grow without excessive tweeting. Which I don’t really do.

Instagram: 900. Aim a little higher this time.

Pinterest: Make a few more different graphics for each blog post.

Page Views: 500. I hear after the first couple humps, traffic starts to increase pretty nicely so we will see!

RSS & Bloglovin’: Maybe just to have a few more followers on Bloglovin’, and for myself to follow more fellow bloggers on there too!



Finish some free PDF stuff to give you guys!
Maybe change the design again. I don’t know. I’m always so on the fence about this stuff. What do you think?
Couple new topics will be coming up soon so I’ll be prepping for that!

Personal Goals:

GO OUTSIDE. Jeez-us Elaine. I take the bus to and from work, so I’m thinking to get off at stops a few blocks from my destination so it will force me to walk.
Meal prep Sundays!
Drink more water. I’m going to aim for 5 of my bottles of water each day. (it’s a 24oz)




I feel like everything is gaining so much traction with my blog and I am so very thankful! Still excited to see what the future holds.


Have you started any goals? How are they going?

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