Top 5 sites to get great deals on travel

Top 5 sites to get great deals on travel

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Hey guys!

Like you’ve seen in my other posts, I like to travel!  ..but I also like to save money.


Because let’s face it.  Travelling gets expensive.

Super expensive.


But over the years I’ve found ways to be thirfty with my travels to find cheap deals for both hotels and flights!  Today, I share a few sites I like to use!  So check out these sites for the holidays since they’re creeping up on us quick and I know you want to get home …or get away from home like I do!

Now these sites aren’t the usual Google or Expedia, but little gems I like to use for all my tavels and find the best deals.



CheapOair & OneTravel

Probably my #1 go-to for flights.

Both CheapOair and OneTravel sites have the same sort of set up; they compare all airlines and find you the best possible deals even if it means having a layover somewhere to save you a few hundred dollars (which is something I’m totally okay with).  If your travel is flexible, they show you alternate dates with cheaper options to get you to where you need.

*Tip: Sign up for their newsletter via email and get anywhere between $5-50 off your flight.  (Depending on the promo running)



You’ve probably seen Priceline commercials on TV.  They’re the name-your-price guys! I haven’t so much used this site for flights but for hotels it’s possible to get a good deal!

*Tip: Make sure you research the different hotels in the different parts of the city you are going to so you get a feel of what the prices may be and what hotel you may actually get.  Use or something of the sort for your research.  Then when you’re making the bid, you can cross reference the areas and prices for your bid and hopefully get the one you want or something just like it! is also super great for finding both flights and hotels!  In the past I’ve had a lot of luck using for finding the best deals for hotels, even compairing what I can find on and the above mentioned sites.

*Tip: Make sure you sign up for their newsletter.  The prices actually do get a bit cheaper!



The holy grail of finding a nice place to stay if you don’t mind cleaning up after yourself.

Airbnb helps you connect with thousands of people who rent our their apartments/condos/homes for usually super cheap prices!  Seriously, the hosts make you feel like you’re home away from home and have always been helpful.

Use my link here and get $45 credt towards your first booking!



Also if you’re planning to travel, don’t forget your packing list and travel insurance!



Do you have any travel planned?  Where are you headed to next?







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