Things to do when I’m feeling Depressed

Things to do when I’m feeling Depressed

Feeling depressed sucks.  The last few days have been rough. My depression has come back full force and it sucks the big one.


Whenever I think I’m starting to feel better, it just creeps up and knocks me down. What sucks is that I don’t know why I’m feeling this way, why I don’t have energy, why I don’t want to interact with anyone, why I don’t want to leave the house (I’ve made it to work however). It’s tough. Like in my post “10+ things your Depressed friend wants you to Know“, I talk about things to say to your depressed friend.



Unfortunately, today, I am the depressed friend.


I’m so sick of feeling this way. I mean, it’s not like I don’t want to feel better. I do want to be happy.


So, I’m trying to brainstorm what to do to help myself. This is what I’ve come up with so far.


Things to do when I’m feeling Depressed


1) Drink more water. It’s something simple but I know being hydrated (without those sugary drinks) has helped boost my mood.

2) Call a friend or my mom. I usually am just looking for comfort when I call, and sometimes it’s really powerful when you hear someone’s voice on the other line saying “I’m here for you.” It gets tough trying to explain how you’re feeling, and the person on the other line may not understand, so comfort is usually what I look for here.

3) Watch YouTube videos. Yes, I get stuck in the “YouTube” vortex! Once you watch a video, another one that they recommend pops up, you watch that one, and then the cycle keeps going until it’s a couple hours later. I normally try to find something funny to watch(different YouTube personalities), or something inspiring to try to lift my spirits. Lately I’ve been watching America’s Got Talent! Some acts have made me cry but, it’s a happy cry.

4) Go for a walk. If somehow I can get enough energy to get out of the house, going for a walk will do wonders. Fresh air, natural light, seeing people. Sometimes even without music, it can be therapeutic.

5) Do some online reading. This has been a bit tough for me lately since my eye is still not 100% better(my eyes get crossed-eyed easily), but I find reading is a good distraction while I can learn something at the same time. It’s also great because unfortunately, I might not want to leave the house, so this serves as a good first step to feeling better.

6) Write in a journal. I haven’t done this for a long time, and it’s something I definitely need to get back into. It helps to track how you’re feeling each day; see what’s helping and what isn’t, and to see your growth afterwards as well. I use to do a daily prompt journal which was very helpful as I didn’t have to think too hard of what to write if I didn’t want to. It just told me a few short and sweet things to write about for the day and that would be it!

7) Work on this blog. Blogging has so many rewards in it’s self if you let it. I think it’s a great positive distraction that gets you learning so much from other people!


It’s a short list right now because I’m still just in this funk I can’t shake. Hoping to try some things on the list and I’ll report back.feeling depressed


What do you normally do when you’re feeling down?  Let me know in the comments!









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