What is Reiki? An interview with a Reiki Practitioner

What is Reiki?  An interview with a Reiki Practitioner

Hi guys!  Today on the blog I have an interview with my beautiful friend, Kelly!


She has introduced me to the world of Reiki which now I absolutely love, and I thought some insight for my readers would be great.


So without further ado, here we go!


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E: So, what is reiki exactly?

K: Okay so Its 2 Japanese words REI- meaning universal wisdom KI- universal energy. If you look it up you’ll see multiple ways of explaining it, but it all says the same.  Some explanations use the word, God. Which isn’t the best way as Reiki is not a religion, and you do not have to believe in it for it to work.


E: Can anybody perform reiki?  How do you become certified?

K: Anyone who has received a level 1 attunement from a Reiki master, yes.

Often there are Reiki masters who advertise classes for Reiki. There are levels 1, 2, 3 & and Master. It’s usually a 1-day course (8 hours). I know MY Reiki Master combines the level 3& Reiki Master into a 2-day package.

As for certification, after level 1, you can do Reiki on yourself and others. You are not able to legally a practitioner yet though. At the first level is when you are encouraged to perform a lot of self-reiki. This helps you build up your own feel for your Reiki, and get used to the changes that take place. There is a 21 day period after your attunement by the Reiki Master which some changes may take place. These changes are different for everyone. Some people feel sick, as though they have the flu. It’s a type of purging.

This is all explained more in the history of Mikao Usui the person who is the founder of the Reiki system of healing


E: What are the reasons for getting reiki?

K: Well, Reiki is very beneficial for anyone suffering from fear, anxiety, stress, pain.

It’s it’s great for relaxation

So basically it can help with mental, physical and spiritual balance by reducing all those other things I mentioned.

It’s time taken just for yourself!  Reiki energy is not my energy; it’s universal and all knowing. So I am a channel for the energy.

It’s also good for me.  Win-win! The energy knows where it needs to go because it’s all-knowing.  It’s from the universe in simplest terms



E: Walk me through a session:

K: Well, I ask you if you have ever had Reiki. If not, I will let you know that you may see different things like colors and lights but never anything scary. You may fall asleep. (That’s always the biggest compliment)

That I’m hands-off for some of it, but some of it I’m hands-on and that’s because my eyes are closed for most of it.  You may feel me touch you at times unintentionally. I will always ask for consent and make sure this is understood that my hands may bump into them because I’m in meditative state. If this is not okay then we don’t have a session, or we talk about how to problem solve this.

This would be something asked prior to coming to appointment **



You lie on the table get cozy and we begin.

I will move my hands over your body stopping in specific positions for about 2-3 min at each position. The client will feel a lot of heat coming from my hands.

What I feel: sometimes cool areas, sometimes bounding heat or energy. This energy can feel like when you take 2 magnets and try to force the opposite ends together it’s like an invisible ball is in between them

Usually that indicates I need to spend more time in that area. Usually, that chakra will need work as well. After I have gone over the client’s body I check all the chakras and work on any that need attention. I seal the Reiki energy and give gratitude. That’s it.

The Reiki energy stays with a person for about 2 days. A person should drink lots of water and maybe go home and relax. Not go out to a party and expend a lot of energy

Reiki will never hurt you.  It is not a religion; if you don’t feel anything, it’s still working. It knows where to go.


E: What would you say to our readers considering Reiki for the first time?

K: I would tell them to get ready to have a wonderfully relaxing experience. To go into this experience with the best intentions (positive outlook/attitude) this energy work is always for their highest Good. And to be ready to want more!


I’ll tell you that from my first experience with Kelly and our Reiki session, I didn’t know what to expect.  I’m not a very spiritual person but am always open to it.  Kelly has an amazing energy in general and I truly believed she would provide a great experience.  She made me feel comfortable and explained everything before she started.  Having my depression and anxiety, I was hoping this would help.

And it did!

You can’t really explain it so much as you need to experience it to get the effect.  Let’s just say afterward I was very relaxed and not as anxious.  She as well explained the chakras to me which I found very interesting.



Have you had Reiki before?  Would you consider trying? Let me know below in the comments!








Kelly Elliott is a Licensed Practical Nurse (for 12 years). Also a level 2 Reiki Practioner! For part of her 12 years of nursing, 9 of those were spent caring for patients on a geriatric rehab unit. She was able to help people recover from physical injuries like broken hips, legs arms pelvis’s as well as strokes and brain injuries. As a nurse and now a Reiki Practioner she can really see how the best of medicine and energy healing can come together to help heal someone as people are both physical and spiritual beings. Great things happen when we address both aspects of healing!

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