REVLON MEGA MULTIPLIER Mascara – Review Courtesy of Revlon CA & Influenster CA

REVLON MEGA MULTIPLIER Mascara – Review Courtesy of Revlon CA & Influenster CA

Hey, guys!  I received Revlon Mega Multiplier™ Mascara complimentary from Influenster for testing and a honest review!

Can you say, MEGA exciting?


If you guys have read the about me you’ll know that I had a medical emergency with my eye a few months back.  (Graphic, sorry) I had a corneal ulcer in my right eye and it was oozing pus like crazy. The doctors decided to cut off my eyelashes on both eyes to ensure they were easy to clean.


I had no lashes.  At all.



But now they’re growing back slowly! Yay!


They’re super short still, so it will be good to see how much longer and thicker the masara will make em.


Revlon Mega Multiplier™ Mascara


Really attractive packaging, I like the blue.  It promises to give my lashes an oversized look.  Guess we will see!


short eyelashes no mascara

Okay, here’s my giant forehead. …and my mega short lashes.  They’ve been growing back for about 3 months now, so I think I’m doing pretty good!

short eyelashes with mascara

I was going out last night so I decided to test them out.  You can see I’ve applied it to my left (your right) eyelashes, and nothing on my right (your left) eyelashes.  I could tell a bit of a difference, they seem a bit thicker.

What I didn’t enjoy, however, is how many applications it took to get to this “thickness” of eyelashes.  It took about 4 for me.  The brush felt fairly hard and scratchy against my eyelid too.  I’ve had other brushes like that, so nothing TOO out of the ordinary for that.


I had a long night at a friends baby nephew’s party.  The restaurant was full with about 40 people and the airconditiong didn’t seem strong enough because I was sweating like a mad woman.  Like, we were taking menus to fan ourselves, that’s how hot it was.  I was there for about 3 hours and did not reapply any mascara.


Since I was previously a contact lens wearer, I’ve trained myself to not rub my eyes, and thus my eyelashes were untouched.


revlon multiplier mascara
It’s not too thick that it will start to run. You can also see how fine the brushes are, to ensure to comb out your lashes!


I got home super tired, sweaty, and needed a shower.

short eyelashes sweaty mascara

You can see my mascara has pretty much been sweated off my lashes except that tiny clump in the middle!  BUT bonus is that it did not smudge ONE bit.  I’ve had a lot of smudgy mascara in the past and get panda eyes.  With this one I did not.  So kuddos Revlon!


I really think that if I had a chance to maybe reapply or use some type of setting for my masacara, AND also wasn’t in the hottest place ever, it would have lasted longer.  I do definitely understand that the brush was scratchy because it was combing apart my lashes and I probably needed that!

All in all, I’d still recommend it to friends if they asked about Revlon mascara!  But maybe also suggest getting a waterproof version if they’re going somewhere extremely warm.


You can pick up this mascara on Amazon for  $11.99  here.


Have you tried this mascara?  Do you have any recommendations for my short lashes?

revlon multiplier mascara










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