How To Make An Online Quiz & Generate Leads with Interact

How To Make An Online Quiz & Generate Leads with Interact

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What is Interact?

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely interested in lead generation for your blog/business.  We’ve all done those online quizzes that tell us where we should live based on my ice cream preferences, or how many kids I’ll have, or what kind of dog I should adopt.

They all have one thing in common.

They get you to enter your email address so you can see your results and know you should adopt a golden retriever.

I’ve always loved these types of quizzes and knew it would be a great and fun way to interact with my readers! (See what I did there?)

interact is a mega easy online tool to make these quizzes, giveaways, polls and generate all the leads and sales to your heart’s desire with a fun twist!  They help build your email list, and FAST.


(If you’re interested in starting your own blog, I’ve created this super simple thorough guide! The Ultimate Guide to Starting your Blog from Scratch)


But how?

There’s a few different ways:



Quizzes come in 3 shapes and sizes.

Assessment – Kind of like a test.  Each question only has one correct answer.

Personality – The classic quiz that gives you a different result based on your answers.  These are fun to share!

Score (Tallied) – Each individual answer has a score value.  At the end of the quiz the values are added up and a result will be generated depending on their total score.



Pretty straight forward but beautifully easy to use!  You collect emails in exchange for an entry to a giveaway.  There are options to have the giveaway shared on social media as well.



Also straight forward.

Grid – There will be photos in a grid

List – Text options to vote on


Types of quizzes I’ve seen

The possiblities are endless when you’re wanting to make a quiz!  But here are some examples for you!

  • Choosing a sequence of photos to tell you what your:
    • Design style is
    • What haircut you should get
    • What type of smoothie I should make
    • What’s my holiday style
  • A sequence of questions to:
    • Tell me if I’m ready for a certain program
    • What gift I should get
    • What my perfect vacation is
    • What’s my skin type
    • What’s my _____ style

You could also do a poll on what your next giveaway should be.  Can you say double opportunity?

And SO SO many more!  Think of all the affiliate programs you could include with these.



Awesome! So how do I make a quiz, you ask?


Super simple and I’ll walk you through it!


1) Make an account

2) Click “Quizzes” on your left sidebar

3) Click the giant orange “+Create New Quiz” button


4) Here you can either choose a Pre-made quiz or make one from scratch.  I personally chose a template and altered pretty much everything, but it ensured I didn’t forget any aspect of a well put together quiz.

5) Click Use this quiz.

6) Here is where you’ll be able to edit everything inside your quiz from the left side bar.  You’ll see:

  • Cover
  • Results
  • Questions
  • Result correlation (what answers will lead to what result page)


7) At the top you’ll also spot “Quick Menu” with all the other options for your quiz.

8) From here, choose “Set up opt-in form” under the pink “Integration“.  This is the form at the end of the quiz where the quiz-taker will enter their information in exhange for their results.

9) When you click “Save Form & Continue” you’ll be brought to the section to connect your email marketing program to save the emails that are entered.  For myself, I use ConvertKit.  (If you haven’t signed up for ConvertKit and are interested, use my link and it’ll get you a free 30-day trial)  You’ll have to connect it via your API and Secret API (Which can be found in your account settings of ConvertKit).

10) You’ll also probably want to make different lists/sequences for your email lists.  For example, have certain answers go to a certain ‘sequence’

11) You’re pretty much all set! Click on “Quick Menu” again and under the purple “Share & Embed” you’ll find all the different ways to get your quiz out there.  (There’s even a WordPress plugin)


Try interact out!

If you want to give interact a try, you can sign up for any program and get a free 7-day trial.

Depending on how many quizzes you plan to plublish and how large your audience is at the time, I’d recommened choosing the Lite program for smaller blogs/businesses, and the Growth/Pro programs for larger blogs/businesses as there are a few more extras included like support, conversion tracking, branding, etc.

Unfortunatley, I would not suggest the Free program however, as you’re not able to collect emails and have an email marketing integration – which is why we’re all here, right?


Also you save a whole wack of money if you pay annually vs monthly.  But it’s nice to have the monthly option there if you’re unsure how well it will work for you at the time.


Again, the possibilities are endless when creating quizzes, so explore and have fun!




Have you tried any online quizzes?  What types are your favorite?  Have you made your own?  Let me know!


(Try my quiz!  I made it in 30 mins!)

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