Lessons Learned From My 90 Second Journal

Lessons Learned From My 90 Second Journal

If you haven’t seen yet, I’ve created my own journal called The 90 Second Journal where each day had different, positive prompts for me to write in daily.

To tell you the truth, it was hard at first.  Starting a new habit is difficult but over time it got much easier and I began to look forward to the end of the day to see what the prompts were and to just … write. It became therapeutic.

Before I knew it, I started to think a bit differently, a little more grateful and a little more aware.


So here are a few things I’ve learned from The 90 Second Journal:



1. It’s hard to keep up with something new each day.

New habits are definitely hard to start, let alone keep up each day.  It really takes a lot of dedication to want to start something new in your life that you need to do each day.  Think; washing the dishes each day – if this wasn’t a habit you already had, it would for sure be hard to start and keep up with.  Unfortunately, we’re lazy people.


2. It’s neat to reflect on past days.

I really enjoyed that there is always a prompt each day that just solely asked about my surroundings or something in particular to the day.  “What did you eat for breakfast?” “Describe the room you’re in.”  It might not mean much to you when you’re writing it, but when you look back it helps give you a visual cue to your memory to remember that day.  It records your history in a sense.



3. It feels good to concentrate on your own life.

How many times throughout the day do you concentrate on other people?  Whether it is your job where you have many tasks you need to complete for your boss, or if you’re at home always thinking of your spouse or children and what you need to do for them, or if you’re the go-to person when your friends need someone.  It feels really good to take just even a minute to concentrate what’s going on in your own life, things you want, and how you feel.  It’s easy to lose track of that, and doing this quick journal each day helped bring me back to myself.



4. Every day is different.

Sometimes we feel that our days are all the same, that nothing happens differently, that we are stuck in the same place day in and day out.  But with different prompts each day to get my mind thinking, it’s really cool to know that not every day is the same, and that’s ok.



5. It increased my gratitude. 

Another nice thing that I really enjoyed from the journal is that it really helps me focus on being more thankful each day.  Some of the prompts ask what you’re glad about from the day, what you’re thankful for, what you’re looking forward to, etc.  It’s one of those things, “practice makes perfect” and the more I practiced gratitude each day, the more it came easier for me to think.



6. It is important for daily recovery.

Sometimes you just need to get your day out on paper and journaling each day helps get your emotions and feelings out.  Keeping all that in is not very comfortable.  It’s like having something super exciting happen to you during the day and you NEED to tell someone about it because you can’t hold it in – same idea!  Getting your day on paper just helps ease your emotions and helps you relax and become less anxious.



I could say that journaling will be the most important part of your life that you need – I just believe in it THAT much.  It’s helped me with my emotions, my depression, and to see life a little more clearly and a little more positive.  If you journal each day, even without The 90 Second Journal, you’ll slowly begin to see the benefits that come along with it and hopefully feel your new outlook on life come out.


Want to learn more about The 90 Second Journal? Check out my post here!  If you’re interested in getting your own copy, check out the Etsy shop here!







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