How to easily start your WordPress blog with iPage in 10 minutes

How to easily start your WordPress blog with iPage in 10 minutes


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How to easily start your WordPress blog with ipage in 10 minutes

(and I’m being generous with the 10 minutes)


If you haven’t already checked out my post The Ultimate Guide to Starting your Blog from Scratch, I recommend you start there first, and come back to me here when you reach this step.


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With so many hosting sites out there, it definitely gets overwhelming when you’re first starting out and want to get set up.  Luckily for you, I’ve done hours upon hours of research, and moved forward with iPage


Reasons why I chose iPage:

  • Free domain for one year when you sign up (Normally around $15)
  • WordPress 1-Click install (This means you don’t have to sign up for WordPress separately, and that it is the .org version)
  • Unlimited disc space
  • A LOT of bandwidth
  • Easy to set up email accounts with your domain name
  • If you’re setting up a shop, they have easy integration for that too
  • Help with marketing
    • $100 Bing search credit
    • If you’re in the US, you’ll also receive a $100 Google AdWords offer, and one toll-free phone number
  • Quick support (I had so many questions before signing up, and they were quick on their responses. I used the chat option.  Also, when I had trouble installing WordPress onto my dashboard, a tech support staff did it for me quickly! Talk about saving me on extra stress)
  • The low starting cost.  Their plans start at $1.99/month!  Crazy.  Also a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • and so so soo much more


“The main reason I’ve been really happy with iPage, it is really easy to use. I am a novice and don’t have any coding experience, but I was able to easily create a website that I’m proud of.  iPage has excellent customer service and resources. I received helpful “getting started “e-mails and their chat feature was really easy to use! I’ve only been blogging for five and half months, but I’m so glad I decided to use iPage for my domain, hosting and building my blog.”


(If for some reason I haven’t convinced you to go with iPage; BlueHost and SiteGround are also excellent alternatives.  My iPage tutorial will be very similar and can apply to those hosting sites as well.)


Ok that’s great Elaine but let’s get down to the brass tacks and start this!


Step 1 – Get to the iPage homepage and click “Sign Up Now”


You’ll be brought to the “Select Domain” screen.  Most likely you’ll be registering a new domain, so type it in and click “Check Availability”.  I also recommend using a .com for your site as it is viewed as more professional.


Step  2 – Put in your billing info


Step 3 – Choose your plan – the more months you sign up for, the cheaper it is.  Since you’re still new, I’d just recommend the 12 month plan.


I also highly suggest taking the “Domain Privacy” option.  It helps keep your identity safe when you have your own domain.  Without it, your personal info like address and phone number are displayed to the whole world.  With the privacy option, iPage information is shown.


They then list a bunch of stuff under “Website Essentials”

The WordPress one might look tempting but honestly, you’ll be just fine without it.

The Advanced Site Protection and Certificates and other things, are not necessary as well.  WordPress has many plugins for all of these needs.

Now click “Check Out”


Then BAM!  You’ve created your very own domain.


Now what?

Navigate to the control panel



Step 4 – Under Email, click on MailCentral – here is where you can create all your email addresses at your domain name.

Step 5 – Under Website, you’ll see a few icons.  Click on WordPress.  You’ll be transferred to MOJO Marketplace. Click on installation. 


You’ll move on to a page for you to select domain for installation.  Click on “Domain” and choose yours from the drop down.


They also list “Helpful Plugins”. You can unclick these, in my tutorial The Ultimate Guide to Starting your Blog from Scratch, I list a few recommended plugins for you.

Also at the bottom of the page they recommend “Let a Pro Do It For You”.  I don’t recommend any of these unless you are wanting to purchase a site theme from WordPress.  Otherwise, everything else just takes a little playing around and you’ll be fine.

If you’re like me and had trouble at this part, do not worry.  Call or chat with tech support, they will either walk you through, or just do it for you.  (I had them do it for me)


Once this is all done, you’ll be directed to your main page under your domain!




Click on “sign in” and you’ll be brought to the WordPress Dashboard! You’ll see all of your tools on the left side.


But for now, go back to my tutorial and keep going with your site.ten minute blog


And please, if you are ever stuck, have questions, or want my help; please please just shoot me a message/email/or whatever! I would love to help you in any way I can. 


Good luck!



 Free 5-Day Blog Course!

free Blog Checklist PDF!

The Ultimate Guide to Starting your Blog from Scratch

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