6 Reasons indeed.com is my Favorite Job Search Tool – And Step-By-Step Instructions to find your next Job


If you remember my earlier post 6 Crucial Steps to Remember when you were just Laid Off, I was in desperate need of a job.  I panic easily, so naturally I went to trusty Google and typed in “Online job boards” – indeed.com was one of the top responses along with Monster and Workopolis.  I checked out every website I could, made accounts, and applied for jobs.  I didn’t sleep.  Then I found it extremely difficult to keep track of all the jobs I’ve applied for, and since some were overlapping on other online job boards, I was scared I was applying to the same position more than once (my absolute nightmare).  So, I wanted to use one job board as my main search and tool for finding my next job.  Under deliberation, I stuck with indeed.com.


And here are my reasons why:


1) Simple, free, and quick account creation – easily keep track of where you’re applying
2) Easy to navigate – home page is search bar, location, your recent searches, and access to your “My Jobs” page
3) Advanced search – this can be as detailed or simple as you want it to be. Keywords, company names, salary range, type of jobs, and you can even exclude staffing agencies (if that’s not your thing)
4) Company reviews – I firmly believe that we are in an era that relies heavily on word of mouth and reviews to help with our own opinions and decisions (why else would you be reading this?)
5) The “My Jobs” page – This was so useful for someone like me. I’d like to think I’m very organized, but when I was in the midst of frantically looking for a job, I applied to probably over 30 positions within a week. How do you keep track of this otherwise? Do you make a spreadsheet? Do you write it all down? Indeed keeps track of this for you! They even have options to keep track of when/where you interviewed, if you received a job offer, and if you accepted it. (I was in the position once where I had 2 offers on the table and seldom said yes to one, no to the other, and was secretly hoping for an offer from company X – you can see how this gets confusing.)
6) Mobile app – Who doesn’t love a mobile app? And an easy one to boot! The mobile app is free, and so easy to navigate. I find this is where I utilize the “save job” option more, and go back to the desktop site later.


Now you’ve heard all about why I love indeed.com for my main online job search, there are also some crap things about it too.

As you’ve read in my previous post, 6 Crucial Things to Remember when you were just Laid Off, I was in need of a new job, and quick. So I panicked and joined every job search engine I could. These entire sites offer for you to upload your resume for “potential employers you haven’t applied to” to see. While these sounds like it would be doing extra work for you while you manually apply to jobs – you are actually leading yourself to be vulnerable to bots, spam, and scammers.
But, I didn’t know better. So I quickly uploaded my resume and consented to have my resume visible to everyone to see.
Welp, one day later I get an email with the subject line;
“Greetings Elaine Manipol. Job offer from Essential Personnel Staffing INC.”
I thought, “Whoa, amazing! That was fast, and I don’t even remember applying to this company!”
They even boast a salary of $2500 bi-weekly. Fantastic!

So I emailed back and said I was interested and wanted more information. While I waited for a reply, I began to do some research on the company, about manager that contacted me, and the position, if any.
(Google is fantastic for all my stalking needs)

First search: “Essential Personnel Staffing INC.”

Ok, so a real website came up, but looks like they’re based in New England and Colorado, USA – whereas I definitely reside in Canada. Weird.
I read my offer email again. Found numerous spelling, formatting, and grammatical errors. I thought, maybe she was having an off day. Errors do happen. So I let that slide.

There also was a phone number listed on the bottom of the email with the area code (778), quick search told me that was a British Columbia area code. Which definitely is not New England or Colorado.
At least we were in the same country now, but it still doesn’t add up. Also British Columbia is 3 provinces away from me.

Anyways, I thought maybe the employer thought this company was best for their staffing needs and trusted them to work remotely. (I’m naïve – I know)

A couple hours later I received a reply to my email! Great!

The recruiting manager instantly asked for me to sign an attached contract, and as well upload copies of my driver’s license and passport. Not great.

I didn’t reply to her for a day, and quickly woke up to a reminder email from her. So I replied with a simple “I am wondering where this office is located.”

The response I received was so vague it was obvious this wasn’t real. “We need staff in your area to fill vacant positions in your location. After probation, you will be directed to our brand new office in your location.”


Long story short, I tried to get more specific information from her.  6 emails later, I got nowhere and decided to stop replying.


Unfortunately, this will probably happen at least once during your unemployment career (see what I did there?). Best is to educate yourself, ask questions and research the company. Look up the reviews on Indeed or Glass Door (www.glassdoor.com – they also have reviews about the hiring company’s interview process, salaries, etc.)


One other downfall – while indeed does boast that they have over “5,000 jobs in your area”, there are so many more out there on different sites, a company’s own website, or even just unadvertised. When looking for your next career move, it’s going to take a lot of patience and work to find the right fit for both you, and your employer. This site is not a one-stop-shop, but rather a tool to add to your search.
Here are a few other sites that I use when looking for a job:




Canada Job Bank




Final Verdict

“I have landed a job using indeed, my brother, my sister, and my in law, and my wife. All using the mobile app. With the quick apply. Just building the resume nice, adding any certs, skills, etc and then apply to jobs I know I qualify for.
We all usually wait a day or two then call the place and ask to check in and see what’s up.
Been working steadily now for two years same company, and same with my family.”
Tech the Techy in Eugene, Oregon (2017) (www.indeed.com/forum)

On the Online Recruitment Resource website (www.onrec.com), they note that indeed had taken the position of #1 worldwide job search site, where in one quarter, they recorded 180 million unique visitors per month. They have millions of employer reviews to boost, where you naturally would not have this option on other sites such as Monster and Workopolis. I think we are now in a society that bases a lot of our opinions and decisions on reviews. (Again, why else are you still reading this?)

In the end, it really is up to you to see how far you’ll succeed with indeed.com or any other website/service when trying to land a job. Like anything, it will take a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience. But don’t let that discourage you! If 180 million people can use this site worldwide, you can too!
I believe in you, and happy job hunting!

Have I intrigued you? Want to know how to use indeed.com to help find your next job? Then read on!


Step by step (ooh baby) on how to use indeed.com

  1. Create an account
    1. This part is pretty straight forward – Also, if you want to utilize having your resume available for everyone, make sure this information is extra correct. (just remember my fake employer story)
  2. Start your first search!
    1. You can make this as vague or as detailed as you want

  1. The default sort option is “all jobs”, this is probably where you want to start for your first search. Once you’ve completed a few rounds of the list, you’ll want to switch the sort option to “new jobs”. At this time also try to utilize the filters on the left side for salary, job type (full-time, part-time, temp, etc), location, and even position title.
  2. Click on a job that catches your eye
  • A handful of the job links will automatically transfer you to the company’s career opportunity page. You’ll need to follow their own instructions on applying for the position
    Other job postings will bring you to their ad on indeed. When employers post on indeed, there is no general template for them to follow so the postings may be very very detailed of the position, qualifications, and salary. Some may just tell you the basics and have you submit a resume.
  • Apply – Indeed makes it so easy to apply to these postings. Once you click “Apply Now”, a pop up appears, and you’ll need to enter your information, upload a resume, and have the option to type in a Cover Letter (highly recommended)
  • After that, indeed will ask if you applied for this job. Once you say either “yes”, “no”, or “maybe later”, your response is immediately saved in your profile.
  • The job postings that you applied to and saved will appear under “My Jobs”. This is where you can keep track of what you applied to, if/when you have an interview scheduled, and if you were offered a position. I found this especially handy in my situation since I roughly applied to 30 different openings within the first week of being laid off.
  • Then BAM, that’s it! You’ve applied for a job on indeed.com

    BONUS – Utilize their mobile app

    Now, if you’re always on the go like me, an app is your best friend. You get the exact same options for searching for your job as you do on the desk top version.
    I’ve found the “save job” option particularly more useful on the mobile app since I probably won’t be creating a new custom resume/cover letter while I’m out
    The “save job” option is just that. Once you click it, the ad is put on to your “My Jobs” list, and you can then access this from your desk top.

    Easy as pie?

    Have you used indeed or other online job boards? Were you successful? Let me know below in the comments!

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