Who doesn’t love to order an awesome meal at a local restaurant?

It’s easy, fast, and delicious.


When I went for dinner with my best friend last night, it really hit me;

We always order the same one or two meals  whenever we come to this restaurant (which is at least once a month).

Not only do we always order the same meal every time, her and I order the exact duplicate.  Ok for example:


Waitress: “Hi guys, what can I get you started for a drink?”

Lena: “I’ll have an extra spicy Caesar.”

Waitress: *looks at me* “..I’ll have a Caesar too, but not as spicy.”

*5 minutes later*

Waitress: “Are you guys ready to order?”

Me: “Yes, I’ll have the beef dip, Caesar salad, and mashed potatoes please.” (it comes with two sides)

Lena: “I will have the same exact meal.  Same sides and everything.”


There was a time when we tried different foods on this particular menu – but I guess it’s one of those scenarios; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Does anyone else do this?  Or are you more adventurous when you eat out?