I’ve always been a big dreamer ever since I was young. There were so many things I’ve wanted to squeeze into my lifetime, and I’m to blame because I can change my mind like I change my underwear. (Don’t worry – it’s often)

Here’s a few of my dreams that I can remember:

  • Become a Doctor (mainly my parents dream)
  • Become an Architect
  • Become a Computer Programmer
  • Become an Interior Designer
  • Become a Dental Hygienist
  • Move to the West Coast
  • Six figure income
  • Have a nice house in the suburbs
  • Start a family
  • Travel the world (HUGE list for this)
  • Take care of my parents

This list can go on forever, and I’m sure I’ll eventually share everything on my list. I know everything on my list isn’t absolutely absurd (not like I’m wanting to grow a third arm or anything), but like anything, it takes a lot of hard work and determination.

Unfortunately, a fault of mine is being a procrastinator. Dream big but no follow through.  Well universe, this is where this is going to change.  This is where I’m really going to follow my dreams, become a success and make myself proud.

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