Why Boracay is one of my favorite beaches (in the world)

Why Boracay is one of my favorite beaches (in the world)

Now, I have a bit of experience traveling to different resorts to be a lazy bum and hang out on the beach; Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Cuba, etc.

Because I loveeee me some beach! What’s not to love? The hot sunny skies, beautiful water, amazing different cuisine, and not having to worry about a thing. It’s so wonderful.


In my mind, I’ve always rated a resort/beach on a few things; friendliness of locals, food, excursions available, ability to leave the resort, cleanliness, and water. Pretty basic since these are the things I look for when booking a trip anyway!

So, in February of this year (2017), my family and I headed to the Philippines to visit the motherland. This trip was a little different from past trips as this time we were just always on the go. In the short time of 3.5 weeks, we managed to schedule quite a few trips. Boracay being our first stop!


Here’s some history of Boracay to wet your palette:

10.32 square kilometers and is located in the Western Visayas island-group

They first depended on fishing supplemented by coconut, cassava and potato plantations and didn’t have electricity until only a couple decades ago.

Mainly known for beautiful beaches with mega soft white sand amazing clear turquoise waters. You can walk the entirety of one side of the beach since it’s approx 5 kilometers long.


Sound good?


It’s way more amazing in person


When going to Boracay, you first arrive on a different island, where you need to transfer by boat to Boracay Island. It’s literally a boat made of bamboo stalks that are painted. They are powered by a motor, thankfully.



Then you arrive and either have a van transfer or take a tricycle (a tiny motorcycle with a side car) to your hotel/resort.

The city has come a long way as it has become more and more popular with tourists! I think I would see more non-Filipino people around than the native Filipinos. Which I think is great because they help provide business and growth!

They even have an SM (what they call malls in the Philippines)


Now, for my family and I, since we come from Canada – our dollar really goes a long, long way and were able to experience a lot on our dollar.


Like these EXCEPTIONAL massages for $5/hour by beach.








There was the most delicious food EVERYWHERE.  And obviously the most fresh seafood.  Their lobsters are different than the Atlantic lobsters I’m use to in Canada – they’re a lot more meaty.  The squid is just giant and cooked so fresh.  There’s also a bunch of food carts where ever you go;  different sausages, dumplings, buns, desserts, you name it!   Food carts are always the way to go.


boracay food lobster
HUGE fresh lobster
bbq squid
Mega delicious squid












Looked at the beautiful beach

Look at those kite surfers!
Boracay Beach
The beach stretches 5 kilometers












Had the freshest coconut water I ever did have.

They open it in front of you and give you a straw!  When you’re done, they slice off a side of the coconut to use as a spon to dig out the coconut flesh.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.










Did some ziplining with my brother.  This also didn’t cost too much.  I think it was 1500 Php or about $40 CAD per person.

But LOOK AT THAT VIEW. (and excuse our awkwardness)



And of course, enjoyed the beach some more! (I saved this from my Snapchat so please excuse the giant Boracay filter)






The weather was hot, but most the views were delicious. I’ll definitely make a point to return to Boracay when I make my way back to Asia.



Have you been to Boracay? Where’s your favorite beach? Let me know!


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