Bell Let’s Talk Day

Bell Let’s Talk Day

Today will be short and sweet.

Yesterday was Bell Let’s Talk Day where the company, Bell, promotes speaking about mental health in hopes to end the stigma.  They donate money from pictures shared and text messages sent to also aid in this initiative.  So you can see how this day is so so important to me.

Also, since everything that had happened with my eye, I’ve stopped posting on my personal Instagram page because I was just so distraught and I thought Bell Let’s Talk Day was a good day to come back and let everyone know I’ve been okay.

Here’s my post below:


Hey Instagram! I know it’s been a long long time since I’ve posted and what better way to come back than #BellLetsTalk day! You may have noticed that the last picture I’ve posted had me covering my right eye saying it was scratched. Welp, it wasn’t scratched and turns out that was a corneal older (That’s right, while I was overseas). I’ve since lost my vision in that eye and have slowly regained it to about 85%. Thing is – (You may not know) I’ve battled with mental health for a while (diagnosed major depression, anxiety, OCD); medications, therapy, doctors etc. And my eye had put me over the edge for a while. I struggled with losing my independence. 2017 was a lot tougher on me than I thought I would have imagined and honestly I couldn’t have gone through it without my family and friends- you guys have absolutely saved my life. #BellLetsTalk is so important to me because mental health is no joke, and sometimes you don’t realize it until you are actually in those shoes. Sometimes you find yourself in the darkest places and it feels like there’s no getting out. Unfortunately the stigma has many blind to the real deal about it and would just tell me “hey, there are a lot of people out there that have it worse than You, you shouldn’t be depressed.” Not that easy, bud. Let’s spread the awareness today, and everyday – it may save a life. #mentalhealth #bell #depression #anxiety #ocd #BellLetsTalk

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Let’s end the stigma together!

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