At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

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Something to admit:

I drink more tea and coffee than I do water.

Ok well, it seems like I do anyway.  I have a kettle at my desk so I bring a giant supply of delicious tea to steep at my beckoning call.


Sounds like ‘the life’ huh?

Welp, it is until I smile.  The tea and coffee definitely reek havoc on my pearly whites and it kind of sucks.  It definitely leaves me with a yellow/brownish tint on my teeth from the delicious leaf or bean water.

Closed mouth smiles, anyone?



So I brush and brush and brush with regular ol’ whitening toothpaste.  It helps, but there’s still that yellow tinge to my smile.  It’s just ALWAYS there no matter how much I brush my teeth (and honestly, I brush A LOT).



I’ve been fortunate enough to be approached by Smile Brilliant, a company that specializes in professional at-home teeth whitening, to review their product in reward of a free whitening package from them.  What good timing! I’m not about to spend hundreds of dollars at the dentist for whitening, and it’s always so so hard to make an appointment that works with my work schedule! So I started to look into teeth whitening strips from the local drug store (do those even work?) but man, this system from Smile Brilliant is the real deal and I’m very thankful for this opportunity!

To start, I answered a few questions about my dental history and I was on my way to receive the T6 Sensitive System for my average tea-stained teeth.

This system costs $165 USD, where as the average dental office cost for the same type of system costs $750+ (and you guys know how much I LOVE a good deal!)

The T6 Sensitive System includes 18 (top and bottom) applications of both whitening and desensitizing gel.  This system is meant for average stained teeth with a bit of sensitivity to cold items or have found sensitivity with other whitening products.

Being in Canada(and them in the USA), I received my package in about a week and began the process of creating the custom molds.   Seriously from the comfort of my own home, this was so easy to do.


You mix two pastes together, one base and one catalyst.  Shove them on these blue trays, and then shove that in your mouth on either your bottom or top teeth.



I’ll be honest, I’m glad I did this at home because I was drooling like I saw a chocolate cake or something.  You leave it in for a few minutes and repeat with your other teeth.



That’s it!

You then pop em in their bubble packed envelope they’ve provided and if you’re in the US, the shipping to their facility is free.  If you’re in Canada like me, the shipping was about $13ish dollars for not rushed, but not mega slow service.

Then you play the waitng game.  At this point I was getting impatient but I knew since I was in Canada it might take a bit longer for me to receive my trays becuase they have to go through customs.  (I could only imagine what it’s like to see teeth trays come through on an xray)


Eventually I got them and was eager to start!

…and I never knew how easy it was.


GUYS.  All you do is put a ‘strip’ of the whitening gel along the inside of your custom teeth tray, and put it on your teeth!  What I find super cool is how the trays just fit like a glove.  I mean come on, it’s so satisfying for them to ‘click’ into place.

Also, it tastes like toothpaste.


It’s recommended that you start at 45 minutes and work your way up to longer sessions, depending on how sensitive your teeth are/become.  So my first session I did 45 minutes.


During this 45 minutes I definitely played a bit of Overwatch on my computer (and if you don’t know, it’s an online game where you need to talk to your team through your computer microphone in order to be successful).  With the trays in my mouth, I was still able to play, have a bit of fun, and before you know it, 45 mins was up!

Other days I would just leave them in while I watch TV or have a face mask on.  A few days ago I had them on while I was on the bus on my way to work.  You really can do this ANYWHERE.


I eventually worked my way up to 1.5 hours wearing them and ma, look at my smile now.

Crazy huh?  I mean, crazy beautiful! And all from the comfort of my own home (or bus) without having to make a million appointments at the dentist, waiting in their waiting room, spending hundereds of dollars.  Nope!  I was able to achieve this smile on my own time with Smile Brilliant and could not be more excited to spread the word! (Excuse my teeth I had the trays in!)


Why I love Smile Brilliant:

  • The price.  Let’s be real.  We all know I’m cheap and broke.  Their systems are SO afforable and WAY cheaper than the dentist
  • How user-friendly it is!  Seriously.  Whitening your teeth from the comfort of your own home without that giant plastic contraption sticking out of your face, or having to brush your teeth with some black stuff.  It’s a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ kind of deal.
  • It’s professional.  Everything is through their professional labs in the USA.  This is definitely made by the pros.
  • Their reputation.  UM, GOOGLE believes in them!  Google has verified Smile Brilliant in their Trusted Store Program.  They love Smile brilliant SO much they offer a FREE purchase protection program.
  • Their guarantee.  They give you 45 whole days to try it out!  If you aren’t satisfied, they’ll give you a full refund!  (but seriously how could you not be satisfied with them?) ALSO, if you lose or damage your trays, it costs you an easy $30 to get a replacement within 2 years of your purchase.


So I encourage you all to check em out, look at their website and Instagram!  You’ll see a bunch of happy customers and their awesome packages available to you!  I know I received this free, but I know I would pick this up to whiten my teeth as I’ve never seen an at-home system like this before with such amazing results!  (Much better than brushing with that black stuff or using the strips that don’t do anything..)


Let me know how it works for you!



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Just please note: The giveaway link is open until November 15, 2017 only!  After then, Smile Brilliant will chose a winner!

If you don’t want to take chances;

$20 off trays coupon code: mylittlegold


Good luck!



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