Monthly Check-In November 2017

Monthly Check-In November 2017

f you’re new to my blog, here’s a little background to why I started a monthly check-in;


Blogging has been great for keeping me busy and distracted.  It’s wonderful, you learn so many new things, meet all types of people, and explore the world!

And when I first started, I was writing a “Weekly Check-In” well, every week.  It was also great!  I was able to set my goals for the week and see how I progressed.


However, if you’ve read my other posts – depression strikes again.  It sucks.  It’s hard.


To give myself a breather, I stopped my weekly check-in.


So I still kept up with blogging, but also took some time to work on me.  Because well, how can I do something I love if I’m not healthy to do so


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My day job is great; I get along with everyone and could pretty well do the work in my sleep.  But it’s boring.  It’s the same thing day in and day out.  Routine is great but sometimes I feel very stagnant.  I began to feel incredibly uninspired, grumpy, lethargic, and overall not very happy with what I’ve become.

That’s where my blog comes in!

This month was a busy one.  I worked hard on my physical product, made a digital version, and am now currently trying to source somewhere to print it!  Also I’ve been looking into taking a course at my local community college, so preparing for that is exciting but also scary!



So, I will keep up with a monthly check-in.  I feel that it is still reasonable and will be great to look back each month for my goals.


Here we go!



November Goals:

  • Find a print source for physical product
  • Keep up with blogging – I’ve been slacking a bit
  • Change blog theme.  I’m no longer enjoying this one
  • Run for longer periods of time at the gym
  • Post on Instagram more
  • Save more money

December Goals:

  • Go back to blogging twice a week
  • Meal prep my lunches for work
  • Implement different Pinterest stratigies to grow my readership
  • Start emailing my subscribers
  • Promote The 90 Second Journal


So I’ve found a few sources to print The 90 Second Journal however their minimum order is quite high and I’m not just there yet.  So in the meantime, my journal is available on Etsy! The journal is available in a 90 day undated format and a dated 2018 format.

I know I wanted to run for longer periods of time at the gym but my shins just wont let me.  I have such a bad case of the shin splints!  If you know any tips and tricks, please let me know because I miss running so so much!

I didn’t change my blog theme just yet because I haven’t been able to decide on one.  I look at other beautiful blogs for inspiration and then I get overwhelmed and leary of paying to commit to one.  Hopefully soon I’ll find one I like!

Also I want to start emailing my subscribers – I know I have a list of you guys who have kindly submitted your email address but I’ve done nothing with it! This whole blogging thing has so many things involved and I need to organize myself more.  Also I made a few things for my 4-Day Positive Lifestyle Facebook group and I want to be better with this too!


That’s it for today!  Wish me luck!  Do you set your own goals every month? Every week? For the year?  Let me know! 

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