How I made $426.90 after 3 months of blogging – a follow up to the Tell-All

How I made $426.90 after 3 months of blogging – a follow up to the Tell-All

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Hi, guys!  You probably remember my post How I made $12.42 in my first-month Blogging (a brutally honest tell-all)?


That’s where I told you allllll my little not-so-secrets that gave me under $15 for blogging in my first month (and couldn’t buy candy *sad face*) – where I explain to you how it’s definitely not all unicorns and rainbows and stacks of money you see other bloggers saying they’re earning.  Some of them say it’s anywhere from $250-1500 in their first month!  I’ll repeat that again; their FIRST month. 



If you’re interested in starting a blog, you can check out my guide here.


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It’s not impossible

but it’s definitely not common by any means.  I wrote that post to just shine some light of the reality of starting as a new blogger and trying to make money doing so.  It definitely takes a lot of hard work, time, and sometimes stressful nights to get your blog catch some momentum and make it feel like you’re actually getting anywhere.  It feels like you have to be 5 people at once to keep up.


Not gonna lie, I’ve had plenty of days asking myself “What’s the point?” “Is anyone even reading this?” “Why am I doing this?”


Kind of sad, but true.  Who wants to waste money?


But anyways, it is possible to get some type of income.  I’m now in my third month of blogging and I’ve never had as much fun and pride in something as I do now.


I don’t think this income report thing will be a regular occurrence on my blog, but I just wanted to follow up on that initial post and give you an honest view from my perspective.


Like I said, I just want my voice to be heard.


After that initial post, I still continued what I was doing.  Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc etc.  Eventually a few wonderful things happened for me!

Also, I was contacted by two separate companies to partner with!  How supre freaken awesome!  I’ve already been partnering with some makeup brands – but it’s just such a great feeling!
I’ve never thought that I’d be one of those bloggers with these opportunities, well, ever!  I’m very thankful!


OK OK Elaine show us the numbers!


Here it is broken down:

Google Adsense: $112.90

iPage: $105.00

Grammarly: $25.00

Product Values: $184

Total: $426.90



You can see my Adsense has grown over $100 and I’ve finally hit that threshold to get paid and get my candy.  Woohoo! Google Adsense picked up when my traffic increased.  Their payment system can be a bit confusing to a new blogger – how they decided how much is paid per view, how much is paid per click, etc.

But you know what?


It took a LONG time and A LOT of work, and I’m still nowhere near other bloggers monthly traffic, or where I want to be for that matter.  I’ve come to realize, the more posts and content you have, the more things your readers have, to well, read! Thus, brings more traffic to your blog.  Oh man one day I’ll get there!


You can even see below that this month I’ve only made $27.86 so far – but hey!  Better than nothing!



ipage is the wonderful host I use for this blog, and I definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone who is looking for a self-hosting company with great customer service and no downtime.  They also have pretty fantastic payouts for their affiliate program.

Here’s a screenshot of their commission payout to me:

$105.00 is a HUGE amount!  But I wouldn’t recommened iPage if I didn’t believe in them.  Which I do.  I highly recommend!



Grammarly has been such an asset on my blogging journey.  Honestly, my grammar and spelling have gone downhill since I’ve been out of school, and Grammarly has kept me in line.  They have a small but wonderful affiliate program as well!

The products are the product reviews you’ve seen me complete and are currenlty working on.  They vary, but I added the total value of product I’ve received free, in confidence I provide an honest review.



Something to note:

I have been disconnected as an Amazon Affiliate! I’ve failed to make a sale with them in my 90 days (not a surprise there)


I think I jumped on too early in my blogging career and I’ll be able to apply again in 180 days.  I wasn’t really pushing any Amazon items on here, nor do I have the traffic to even make it worth it.  So that’s okay!  Maybe some other time down the road I can try again.  The sucky part is I have to remove all my Amazon links.



And that’s it!

That is all.  It’s not much and I can’t quit my day job, but it’s a nice incentive to something I already wanted to do, which is write and have my voice heard.  You can honestly do it too but just remember success doesn’t happen over night.  However, it’s just like being struck by lightning – it could happen, but it’s pretty rare.






P.S.  I’ve been working on this super cool project that will open up this fall(2017) – a 28-day positive lifestyle challenge!  Check it out and grab your spot on my waitlist!



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How are you doing on your blogging journey?  Have you started yet?  Let me know!




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