The 28 – Day Golden Lifestyle Challenge

The 28 – Day Golden Lifestyle Challenge

Hi, guys!


Today is going to be a shameless plug about an upcoming online challenge I’m so so SO excited to run next month!




Here’s some back story:

If you haven’t read the “about me” section on my blog, you can head over there right now, or keep on reading!

I’m the youngest of two, born in Canada, my parents having immigrated from the Philippines.  (Cute story; they met on the plane ride here!)

I’ve always been a go-getter throughout my life, was always a high achiever in school, lots of extra curricular activities, and I’d like to think I was fairly popular.


However, it all came with a price.  A few years ago I was diagnosed with Major Depression.  Which made sense because, with all of these positive things in my life, I was still very sad.  With no reason!  How frustrating is that?  I felt alone, anxious all the time, felt the body pains and often cried.

It’s a terrible thing to have.

Luckily I have been working with a great medical team that has balanced me on medication and group therapy.


Then BAM.


A few months ago, my family and I went to the Philippines for a beautiful vacation.  Unfortunately, I was one of the ‘lucky’ ones who contracted a corneal ulcer in my right eye from the waters in the Philippines.  This took away my vision in that and you could imagine how scared I was!

Then, when I returned home from our trip, I was immediately laid off from my full-time job.  I was devastated.


The depression was then in full swing.  I was so upset and angry and couldn’t cope.  Really didn’t sleep, didn’t eat, and had to stay at my friend’s house because I knew I shouldn’t be alone.


I was suicidal.


It’s an awful place to be.


After a month, I finally landed a job at a local hospital and found myself at a desk with nothing to do.  I found that I had SO MUCH free time, I needed to at least focus my energy towards something positive.  I had a huge amount of time to surf the internet and started to research blogging! It looked like a great thing for me to do and put my energy into.


And thus, My Little Gold was born.


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My blog


Has been about anything and everything.  Things I do daily, the food I like to eat, products I like to try, and my main and favorite topic, mental health.   It’s really opened a lot of doors for me.

I like writing about mental health because there has been such a stigma on the subject lately.  (or well, always)  I’m lucky enough to be able to publish on The Mighty and Thought Catalog!  It provides me a broader platform to get my voice out there.



But I want to do more…


So I’ve listened to everyone I come in contact with.  I’ve listened to myself.


What do we need?  How can we be better and love ourselves more?


I thought and I thought and I thought.

And I’ve come up with TWO wonderful things I’m so excited for!


  1. A custom journal targeted to writing for therapy and our own mental health
  2. A 28-day challenge to restart our outlook on life


I’m here to talk to you about #2


During my difficult transition with my new vision and a new job, I knew I needed to recover from my depression crisis.  I was feeling down, lathargic, and was so unhappy with myself.  I had a lot of free time and decided to challenge myself with a task each day.

So, I set aside about 15 minutes each day for these tasks.  Some days were mega difficult, some were really easy.

Some of the things I did were:

  • Focused on mantras
  • Write different, specific letters
  • Cut out a daily habit and save money
  • Reached out to different people
  • Shifted my focus to myself


The last part was the big one.


I learned and trained myself to focus on myself.


Unfortunately, those who know people with depression, know that we are very selfless and rather please others than ourselves.

Being able to take a moment each day to focus on me was huge.  It was difficult because it was something I wasn’t use to, but it’s something I forced myself to do, and man, did I ever notice a difference in myself.


I began to feel less anxious, the symptoms of my crisis began to lift, and I smiled more.  I SMILED MORE! 

How huge is that?


The saving money part I made easy – I decided to cut out my daily coffee/tea I would buy at work, and put that $3/day aside.  At the end of my 28 days, I had an extra 84 dollars for myself and was able to put that towards.



This is where I want you to join in.


I’ve found so much success during this challenge for myself that I want others to join me and essentially go through a refresher to focus on ourselves.

I’ve created a daily worksheet for each task, a private Facebook group for those that join, and unlimited future access to the material afterward!


All of this for $84!  That’s the $3/day or your daily coffee.  And trust me, I really could do without that extra caffeine.

I value this at $84 ($3/day) because it’s something so small, but so attainable.  I find that when I’m making a payment to something, I find that I’m more inclined to keep up with it.


Who wants to waste money?


It’s well worth the revamp of your life and learn to focus on yourself, again.


The challenge starts this Fall 2017!  (I’M SO INSANELY EXCITED)




Join the wait-list today!  Registration will open shortly! Click HERE!







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